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Writing Technique III: Close Beginnings

This is my third post concerning techniques for beginning stories and (primarily) novels.  As I mentioned in the first two, beginnings can be generally divided into two approaches: distant and close.  This post will consider “closer” beginnings.  While distant beginnings start by providing the reader with visual, factual, or...


Writing Technique II: Distant Beginnings

Distant Beginnings In my last post, I suggested some basic concepts that can guide a writer into beginning a story or novel — most importantly, John Gardener’s idea of “the contract” forged between writer and reader in the first paragraph.  I then suggested that beginnings functionally distill into two...


Writing Technique 1: Beginnings

Writing Technique: Beginnings Because I’m a novelist, writing teacher at Champlain College, and technical writing and screenplay consultant gun-for-hire, people often approach me for advice on writing. As far as novels go, I usually answer that I haven’t a clue how to write them.  I’ve published six — including...