Monthly Archives: February 2014

Michael Hedges II: Merger & Magic

I first heard Michael Hedges’s Breakfast in the Field when Windham Hill Records sent me a copy (vinyl) upon its release.  By then, my Windham Hill record, Willow, had been out for two years, and during that time I’d been doing a lot of concerts with Alex de Grassi,...


Michael Hedges: Musical Charisma

In writing this series of posts about Meetings With Remarkable People, I’ve been  reluctant to write about living ones. Why? First, I worry that the individuals I’m portraying might not appreciate my perspectives; I’m sure Nina Gitana and Bill Lederer would take exception to much of what I’ve written...


Catus Fidelius Veritas IV: Living in Balance

This is the fourth and last post about Fidel, the third person in my series Meetings With Remarkable People.  Fidel is a non-human person — a cat — who demonstrates attributes I deem essential to the fulfillment of (human) personhood. My notes here are emphatically not about a cute, or...